‘Fox-like bear’ twins cry again in the fall

The black bear corps led by the director of ‘Gom Mask’ (a fox in a bear’s mask) was also strong in the fall. They made it to the playoffs seven years in a row.

The Doosan Bears played against the LG Twins, placed 3rd in the regular league, in the third round of the 2021 KBO League postseason semi-playoff (best-of-two) held at Jamsil Baseball Stadium, which was packed with full audiences (23,800 people) for the first time in two years on the 7th. They beat it 10-3. Doosan, which has continued the formula for the winning team in the first game to advance to the playoffs 100%, will aim to advance to the Korean Series for seven consecutive years against the Samsung Lions (2nd place in the regular league). This year’s playoffs will be held on the 9th at Daegu Lions Park in a best-of-two system.

Doosan Table Setters No. 1 and No. 2 didn’t just set the table. Su-bin ‘Chu Soo-bin’, who showed excellent defense several times in the postseason, flew his body one or two times in a row on this day and caught the batted ball. It was a ‘super catch’ that defeated LG’s early spirit. In the at bat, he also played an active role with 3 hits in 5 at-bats, 4 RBIs and 2 runs, including a sweeping triple in the first 5 innings with 2 full bases leading 6-1. He was also the semi-playoff Most Valuable Player (MVP). Jose Miguel Fernandes, in the second batting order, took the lead with a double from right middle in the first inning without a hitch at second base, and in the third inning, he made a two-run shot. In the 5th inning, he recorded a just-time hit that gave the team a double-digit score. 5 at-bats, 3 hits and 4 RBIs.

On the other hand, LG was still unable to escape from ‘constipation baseball’. In the bottom of the first inning, Kim Min-seong withdrew with a strikeout of a swing, and Kim Hyeon-soo was the only outfielder in the 2nd and 1st and 2nd bases at the bottom of the second inning, who fell 0-3. At the bottom of the 3rd inning, 2 out 1st and 2nd baseman Moon Seong-joo struck out and continued to miss the opportunity to score in the early stages.

Doosan manager Kim Tae-hyung has been playing fall baseball for the 7th year since his debut as the head coach (2015). On the other hand, LG coach Ryu Ji-hyeon is a novice manager who will play the postseason for the first time this year. The autumn baseball experience of the two commanders was revealed at the time of pitching change.

Manager Kim replaced starting pitcher Kim Min-gyu with the most trusted bullpen pitcher Lee Young-ha right away in the second inning after Kim Min-gyu was shaken at the end of the first inning. It was a bold choice despite the accumulated fatigue of the bullpen during the wild card game. Lee Young-ha blocked 4 innings (66 pitches) with 2 hits and no runs in 4 4 balls.

Ryu’s pitching replacement timing was delayed by one beat. Starter Chan-gyu Lim faced Fernandes, who conceded a double in the previous at-bat, in the first half of the third inning, but did not move. Eventually, after a home run to Fernandes, Andrew Suarez, who had only two days off, was mounded. In the beginning of the 5th inning, behind 1-4, Kim Yoon-sik, not Pil Seung-jo, was placed on the mound. In a game that requires an all-out battle, he drew out a second card, not the best card, and conceded 6 points only in the 5th inning, further leaning towards the win.

LG played the semi-playoff game without a starting shortstop as Oh Ji-hwan suffered a collarbone injury at the end of the regular season. Koo Bon-hyeok, who was replaced by Oh Ji-hwan, made small mistakes in defense. It wasn’t just Koo Bon-hyuk. Even third baseman Kim Min-seong was shaken, and in the 5th inning of Game 3, he missed Park Gye-beom’s batted ball in the 5th inning, providing an excuse for a big inning. In the first game, LG also lost due to an error by second baseman Jung Joo-hyeon, widening the score gap.

Oh Ji-hwan’s vacancy was also felt in the attack. Bon-hyuk Koo recorded no hits in eight at-bats during the first and third games, and was unable to draw a single hit. Without a foreign hitter and Oh Ji-hwan, LG Tasoon continued to accumulate only remaining bases (13 in the third game) with a frustrating attack, and eventually lost to Jamsil’s rival Doosan in the semi-playoffs for the second year in a row.

After ‘That Day’ 2 years ago… Kim Bio, who won the final match of the season, “There will be no mistakes in the future”

Bio Kim (31) of ‘Finger Action’ swallowed tears as she climbed to the top. Bio Kim said, “There will be no such mistakes in the future.”

On the 7th, Kim Bio hit 9 birdies with 10 birdies in the 4th round of the Korea Professional Golf Association (KPGA) Korean Tour LG Signature Players Championship (total prize money of 1.2 billion won) held at Seowon Valley Country Club (par 72, 7010 yards) in Paju, Gyeonggi-do, on the 7th. reduced Bio Kim won the prize money of 240 million won with a total of 23 under par 265.

Bio Kim rose to the top of his six-game winning streak with a comeback victory in the last tournament of the season. He also escaped from the aftereffects of inappropriate body movements that were controversial when he won the Volvik Daegu Gyeongbuk Open in September 2019. At that time, Bio Kim, who made inappropriate gestures toward the gallery that made noise at an extremely sensitive moment, was suspended for one year, volunteered for 120 hours, and fined 10 million won.

Kim Bio, who was desperate after his punishment was lifted in August of last year, started in second place, one stroke behind Kim Joo-hyung (19), but added a win after two years with the climax of putting sense, such as catching birdies on the 2nd to 5th holes in a row. He celebrated the win by making a birdie on the 18th hole with a long putt.

Bio Kim said, “The putt, which was frustrating for over a year, went well. In the past, I cried a lot when I won, but now I try to be calm. I will play hard as a professional player. There will be no mistakes in the future.”

Kim Joo-hyung finished in second place (final 17-under 271) with two-under-par 70 shots, and confirmed the first place in the season prize money (75493 million won) and grand prize points (5540 points). Kim Joo-hyung, who won the Gunsan CC Open last year and became the youngest professional player to win (18 years and 21 days), has the record of winning the first 10 gold medals and grand prizes. Kim Joo-hyung also took the lead in average at-bats. Kim Joo-hyung is the first to win three prizes, grand prize, and average number of strokes since Bae Sang-moon (35) in 2009.

Meanwhile, at the S-Oil Championship (total prize money 700 million won) of the Korean Women’s Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) held at Jeju Elysian Country Club (par 72) on the same day, Park Ji-young (25) turned around with a 4-under 68 shot and 11-under par 205 shots in rounds 1-3. won The winner’s prize is 126 million won. Park Ji-young, a former Rookie of the Year, recorded three career victories. Park Ji-young, who won her first championship in 2016 at the S-Oil Championship, continued her relationship with this competition. Kim Su-ji (25) took second place by one stroke (10-under 206 strokes), and Lee So-mi (22) tied for third place (9-under 207 strokes).

인삼공사 새옷 입은 이소영, 친정팀 GS칼텍스 첫경기

돌아온 에이스의 파괴력은 친정팀에도 예외가 없었다.

케이지시(KGC) 인삼공사로 이적한 이소영(27)이 친정팀 지에스(GS)칼텍스와 경기에서 19득점 맹폭을 가했다. 인삼공사는 이소영의 활약에 힘입어 7일 대전 충무체육관에서 열린 2021∼2022 V리그 여자부 지에스칼텍스와 경기에서 3-1(25:15/29:31/25:18/25:20)로 승리했다. 이날 승부로 동률이었던 두 팀의 균형은 깨졌다. 인삼공사는 5승1패(승점 15)로 리그 2위에 올랐고, 지에스칼텍스는 4승2패(승점 12)로 리그 3위에 머물렀다.

이날 인삼공사는 첫 세트부터 25-15로 상대를 압도하며 기분 좋게 경기를 시작했다. 하지만 지에스칼텍스도 2세트에 듀스를 거듭하며 31-29까지 가는 접전으로 세트 스코어를 동률로 맞추며 치열한 승부를 예고했다.

3세트에는 변수가 생겼다. 이영택 인삼공사 감독이 세트 퇴장을 당한 것이다. 사령탑이 없는 상황. 하지만 인삼공사는 흔들리지 않았다. 이소영과 옐레나(24)의 공격력은 막강했고, 박혜민(21)이 서브 에이스까지 꽂아 넣으며 상대를 무력화했다. 기분 좋게 3세트를 따낸 인삼공사는 4세트까지 기세를 이어가며 경기를 마무리했다.

이날 경기는 새 소속팀에 합류한 이소영이 처음 친정팀을 상대해 더욱 관심이 컸다. 이소영은 지난 시즌 지에스칼텍스에서 팀의 사상 첫 트레블을 이끌었고, 올 시즌 자유계약(FA)으로 인삼공사에 이적했다. 함께 맹활약했던 강소휘(24)가 지에스칼텍스에 그대로 남았던 터라, 둘의 재회도 화제를 모았다.

시즌 사이 팀을 바꾼 건 이소영만이 아니다. 인삼공사는 이소영을 데려오며 보상선수로 국가대표 리베로 오지영(33)을 지에스칼텍스에 보냈다. 또 두 팀은 박혜민(21·KGC 인삼공사)과 최은지(29·GS 칼텍스)도 트레이드했다. 총 4명이 소속이 바뀐 것이다.

아직 양 팀엔 떠나보낸 선수에 대한 기억이 가득하고, 그 기억 속에서 새로운 맞수 구도가 탄생하고 있다.

광주FC, 알렉스

K리그1 최하위 광주FC가 가공할 공격력으로 잔류 ‘불씨’를 살렸다.

김호영 감독이 이끄는 광주FC는 7일 포항스틸야드에서 열린 하나원큐 K리그1 파이널B(7~12위) 36라운드 원정경기에서 외국인 선수 알렉스, 헤이스의 연속 중거리포로 포항 스틸러스를 2-1로 이겼다.

광주(10승6무20패·승점 36)는 여전히 파이널B 최하위지만, 이날 승점 3을 추가하면서 1부 잔류 희망을 살려 나갔다. K리그1 최하위는 2부로 강등되고, 11위는 2부 플레이오프 승리 팀과 승강 싸움을 치른다. 시즌 최종전까지 앞으로 2경기가 더 남았다. 포항은 7위(승점 45).

2011년 K리그에 참가한 광주는 이날 11년 만에 처음으로 포항을 꺾으면서 역대 맞전적을 1승6무15패로 만들었다.

강등권 탈출에 사활을 건 광주는 이날 전반 35분 포항의 핵심 수비수 그랜트의 퇴장으로 승리의 물꼬를 틀 수 있었다. 그랜트는 광주의 엄원상이 아크 앞쪽에서 드리블 할 때 백태클을 했고, 비디오판독을 거쳐 퇴장 명령을 받았다.

수적 우위를 점한 광주는 전반 추가시간 알렉스의 통력한 중거리포로 골문을 열었다. 슈팅 능력이 뛰어난 알렉스는 포항의 벌칙구역 오른쪽 앞에서 강력한 오른발 슛을 했고, 크로스바를 강타한 공이 포항 골키퍼 이준의 몸에 맞으면서 선제골이 됐다. 비록 이준의 자책골로 기록됐지만, 알렉스가 만들어낸 골이었다.

광주는 후반 2분께 또 다른 외국인 선수 헤이스의 추가골로 승패를 갈랐다. 헤이스는 포항 진영 왼쪽 측면에서 기습적으로 오른발 중거리 슈팅을 했고, 공은 이준 골키퍼가 손을 뻗었어도 닿지 못하는 구석으로 꽂혔다.

포항은 후반 42분 강상우의 발리슛으로 추격전을 폈지만, 후반 추가시간 광주의 엄원상을 저지하려던 골키퍼 이준마저 퇴장당하면서 동력을 잃었다.

한편 FC서울은 이날 조영욱, 팔로세비치(2골)를 앞세워 성남FC를 3-0으로 꺾었다. 서울은 9위(승점 43)에 올라서면서 강등권 탈출 싸움에서 유리한 고지에 올랐다. 성남은 10위(승점 41)에 멈추면서 11위 강원(승점 39)의 추격을 받게 됐다.

강원은 이날 안방 경기에서 인천 유나이티드와 1-1로 비겼다. 인천은 승점 45(8위)가 되면서 사실상 K리그1 잔류를 확정했다.