After ‘That Day’ 2 years ago… Kim Bio, who won the final match of the season, “There will be no mistakes in the future”

Bio Kim (31) of ‘Finger Action’ swallowed tears as she climbed to the top. Bio Kim said, “There will be no such mistakes in the future.”

On the 7th, Kim Bio hit 9 birdies with 10 birdies in the 4th round of the Korea Professional Golf Association (KPGA) Korean Tour LG Signature Players Championship (total prize money of 1.2 billion won) held at Seowon Valley Country Club (par 72, 7010 yards) in Paju, Gyeonggi-do, on the 7th. reduced Bio Kim won the prize money of 240 million won with a total of 23 under par 265.

Bio Kim rose to the top of his six-game winning streak with a comeback victory in the last tournament of the season. He also escaped from the aftereffects of inappropriate body movements that were controversial when he won the Volvik Daegu Gyeongbuk Open in September 2019. At that time, Bio Kim, who made inappropriate gestures toward the gallery that made noise at an extremely sensitive moment, was suspended for one year, volunteered for 120 hours, and fined 10 million won.

Kim Bio, who was desperate after his punishment was lifted in August of last year, started in second place, one stroke behind Kim Joo-hyung (19), but added a win after two years with the climax of putting sense, such as catching birdies on the 2nd to 5th holes in a row. He celebrated the win by making a birdie on the 18th hole with a long putt.

Bio Kim said, “The putt, which was frustrating for over a year, went well. In the past, I cried a lot when I won, but now I try to be calm. I will play hard as a professional player. There will be no mistakes in the future.”

Kim Joo-hyung finished in second place (final 17-under 271) with two-under-par 70 shots, and confirmed the first place in the season prize money (75493 million won) and grand prize points (5540 points). Kim Joo-hyung, who won the Gunsan CC Open last year and became the youngest professional player to win (18 years and 21 days), has the record of winning the first 10 gold medals and grand prizes. Kim Joo-hyung also took the lead in average at-bats. Kim Joo-hyung is the first to win three prizes, grand prize, and average number of strokes since Bae Sang-moon (35) in 2009.

Meanwhile, at the S-Oil Championship (total prize money 700 million won) of the Korean Women’s Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) held at Jeju Elysian Country Club (par 72) on the same day, Park Ji-young (25) turned around with a 4-under 68 shot and 11-under par 205 shots in rounds 1-3. won The winner’s prize is 126 million won. Park Ji-young, a former Rookie of the Year, recorded three career victories. Park Ji-young, who won her first championship in 2016 at the S-Oil Championship, continued her relationship with this competition. Kim Su-ji (25) took second place by one stroke (10-under 206 strokes), and Lee So-mi (22) tied for third place (9-under 207 strokes).

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