Woods returns from car accident rehabilitation to join PNC Championship with son

Tiger Woods (46, USA), who returned to the field, collaborated with his son Charlie (12) to create a 10-under par.

‘Team Woods’, a team of Woods and Charlie, was held on the 19th (Korean time) at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club (par 72) in Orlando, Florida, USA. He posted 10 birdies without a hitch and a 10-under 62.

In this tournament, where the winner of a major tournament or Players Championship will compete with their family, 20 teams will play rounds 1 and 2. On this day, Tim Woods finished the first round in a tie for 5th, and ‘Team Sink’ (13 under par) achieved by the 2009 The Open winner Stewart Sink (USA) and his son Reagan took the first place.

Woods suffered serious injuries in a car accident in February of this year, but recovered, and stood in front of fans for the first time in a year since participating in the tournament in December of last year.

The PNC Championship is an event competition of the PGA Champions Tour and is not a regular tour competition. The game is played by both players taking a tee shot to choose a better ball, and from that spot, both players take a second shot and shoot with the better positioned ball.

Woods sent his first hole (par 4) tee shot to the fairway that day and received applause from the gallery, and he and his son caught a birdie from the first hole. The foreign media said, “My son Charlie made a lot of good shots. As the game progressed, Woods seemed to be getting harder.”

After the game, Woods, who rode a cart on the day, said, “It’s frustrating when I can’t hit or when things don’t go the way I want them to. I’m still tired, but I have to hit the ball a million times to play at Fiji Tour level. It takes time,” he said.

World No. 1 Nelly Koda (USA), the only female player to compete, tied for 11th with her father Petr Koda at 9-under 63.


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