‘Born in 1986’ Eun-hee Ji, the oldest Korean to win the LPGA

Ji Eun-hee, 36, is the oldest Korean to win the LPGA Tour.

Eunhee Ji of Japan competed in the final of the LPGA Tour Bank of Hope Match Play ($1.5 million in total prize money, about 1.9 billion won) at the Shadow Creek Golf Club (par 72) in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on the 30th (Korean time). (22) was defeated by three holes. It is the first victory in 3 years and 4 months since the Diamond Resort Champions Tournament in January 2019 and 6 wins in his career. She took her winning prize of $225,000 ($281 million). In addition, the record for the oldest Korean won (36 years and 17 days) of LPGA was newly set. The previous record is Park Hee-young (32 years, 8 months, 16 days, ISPS Handa Big Open in 2020).

Ji Eun-hee is the oldest Korean player currently active on the American professional stage. In this competition, he showed off his veteran side to his heart’s content. As 83rd in the world ranking, she managed to win a ticket to the US Women’s Open (opening on June 3) with 64 participants by winning the tournament. Ji Eun-hee, who won the 2009 US Women’s Open, said, “It was a very difficult week mentally and physically. She will take a day off and work really hard at the US Women’s Open,” she said. In this competition, the first day the temperature rose to 38 degrees, and the players as well as the opponents had to fight the sweltering heat.

Ji Eun-hee defeated Hye-jin Choi in the round of 16, and in the quarter-finals, she beat Madeleine Sachström (Sweden) by 7 holes. She reached the final in the semi-final where she defeated Andrea Lee (USA), a Korean national.


The strongest shield – the strongest spear is back… Goo Chang-mo and Kang Baek-ho’s comeback countdown

NC (NC) Dinos and Katie (KT) Wiz, who won the combined championship in the 2020 and 2021 seasons, respectively. The glory days were short, and the two clubs are hovering in the top 8-10 in the 2022 season. However, a rescue force is coming, who will be the driving force for the rebound. They are Gu Chang-mo (25, NC) and Kang Baek-ho (23, KT). They were the main players in the team’s first unified championship, but start the 2022 season late due to injury.


Gu Chang-mo is expected to be registered in the first-team entry this weekend as early as possible. He disappeared from the first team after appearing in Game 6 of the Korean Series in the 2020 season. Changmo Koo stood as the best left-hander in the KBO league with a record of 9 wins and an undefeated ERA of 1.74 in 2020, but took the entire 2021 season off due to a stress fracture in his left forearm (between the elbow and wrist). He was expected to be together from the start this year, but suffered a hamstring injury during spring camp and had to spend time in rehabilitation again.


In the Futures League, they had a warm-up time. He showed good pitching content against Sangmu on the 11th (2 innings, 2 hits, 1 strikeout and 1 run), against Kia on the 17th (3 innings, 2 hits, 3 strikeouts), and on the 22nd against Samsung (4⅔ innings, 2 hits, 5 strikeouts and 1 run) . His top speed was set at 148 km/h. NC acting coach Kang In-kwon said, “I plan to schedule a later date after pitching the bullpen on the 26th and seeing the condition.” Since he has already increased the number of pitches to 68 in the second team, he is expected to start against Doosan at the earliest this weekend. In NC, Song Myung-ki was moved to the second team, and there is currently a shortage of starting pitchers.


Kang Baek-ho, who helped Katie win the championship last year, is expected to return in early June. Kang Baek-ho fell off the stairs at the end of March, just before the opening ceremony, and suffered a fractured right little toe. He was initially expected to have a hiatus of about a month, but as a result of the re-examination, he was diagnosed that it would take three to four months to recover. Fortunately, the recovery speed is fast, and it is known that he will be able to join the first team in early June. Kang Baek-ho helped the team to top the KBO league with a batting average of 0.347 and 16 home runs and 102 RBIs, including over 40,000 batting average until the first half of last year.


In addition to Kang Baek-ho, foreign batter Henry Ramos (30) has been out for more than a month with a toe injury. However, Park Byeong-ho (36), who has awakened his home run instinct, is barely holding on to the other line, but it is not enough. Ramos is also expected to return to the first team with Kang Baek-ho. This is why director Lee Kang-cheol emphasized until recently, “You only have to endure until May.”

Shim Jae-hak, commentator of MBC Sports Plus, said, “It will be of great help to NC if Goo Chang-mo fills the starting rotation with a healthy figure in a situation where Song Myeong-ki, Parsons, and Lee Yong-chan are missing.” Regarding Kang Baek-ho, he said, “Katy has been showing a different side from last year, but when Kang Baek-ho returns, the weight of the other ship will change and he will have the strength to run in the future.”


삼성, KCC 이정현 영입…첫해 보수 7억 계약

프로농구 서울 삼성이 전주 케이씨씨(KCC)의 자유계약선수(FA) 이정현(35·191㎝)을 영입했다고 19일 발표했다.

이정현은 삼성과 3년 계약 기간에 첫해 보수 총액 7억원(연봉 4억9천만원·인센티브 2억1천만원)을 받는다. 이정현은 지난 시즌 경기당 평균 13.1점에 3.3도움, 3.0튄공잡기를 기록했다.

이정현은 2016~2017시즌 안양 케이지시(KGC)인삼공사를 챔피언전 우승으로 이끈 뒤 자유계약선수로 케이씨씨와 연봉 8억2천800만원, 인센티브 9200만원 등 그때까지 최고액으로 이적 대박을 터트렸다.

지난 시즌 연봉 2억8천만원, 인센티브 1억2천만원 등 보수 총액 4억원을 받은 이정현은 이번에도 높은 시장가를 기록하며 이적했다.

은희석 감독 체제의 삼성은 “노련한 게임 운영 능력을 갖춘 이정현이 팀 전력 상승에 크게 기여할 것이다. 베테랑 선수로 팀 내 젊은 선수들의 성장에도 큰 도움이 될 것으로 기대한다”고 밝혔다.



UEFA, 러시아에 추가 제재…2023년까지 모든 대회 참가 금지

유럽축구연맹(UEFA)이 우크라이나를 침공한 러시아에 대해 추가 제재를 결정했다.

유럽축구연맹은 2일(현지시각) 누리집을 통해 “러시아는 유럽축구연맹 여자 챔피언십 2022(여자 유로 2022) 결승 토너먼트 C조에 참가할 수 없다. 대신 플레이오프에서 러시아에 패한 포르투갈이 참가한다”고 밝혔다.

이번 결정은 유럽축구연맹 집행위원회에서 내렸다. 지난 2월 모든 러시아 대표팀과 클럽팀의 유럽축구연맹 대회 참가 금지를 결정한 데 이은 추가 제재다. 러시아는 이 외에도 2023 호주·뉴질랜드 여자 월드컵 유럽예선 등 복수 대회 참가가 금지됐다. 또한 유로 2028·유로2032 유치도 좌절됐다.


‘1703’… Hyunjong Yang sets record for most strikeouts in Kia Tigers history

The returning Ace wrote a new history once again.

Yang Hyun-jong (34) of the Kia Tigers started out in a home match against the Samsung Lions of the 2022 KBO League held at Kia Champions Field in Gwangju on the 1st and struck out Kang Min-ho in the second inning, striking out his 1703th career. It is the record for most strikeouts in Kia club history. The previous record was 1702, held by Lee Kang-cheol, KT (KT) Wiz.

With this, Yang Hyun-jong recorded the second most strikeouts in Korean professional baseball history after former Hanwha Eagles coach Song Jin-woo (2,048). Yang Hyun-jong previously recorded 1,700 strikeouts in the match against Katie in Suwon on the 26th of last month, surpassing former manager Seon Dong-yeol (1698).

In the match against the Lotte Giants held in Gwangju on the 14th of last month, Yang Hyun-jong set the record for 2000 innings, the 7th and youngest (34 years, 1 month, 13 days) in KBO league history.